The Book of Radical Answers

Navigating the waters between childhood and the teenage years is a journey of social and emotional complexities. Hormones, social media, parents, siblings, bodies, the world; it is a time of big questions about ourselves and everything else. I remember having so many questions when I was your age. Yep. I was THAT kid. I wanted a full dissertation, from someone, on every inquiry that popped up, whack-a-mole style in my brain. Why don’t we recycle? Why do we say boys can’t cry? Will I have big boobs because grandma AND aunt Julia have them? My parents were not nearly as enchanted with having to answer my litany of interrogations as I was with asking them about everything. Maybe your parents aren’t excited about answering your questions either. Well, guess what… today’s your lucky day! You get to ask any question you want, and I’ll be answering it in my book.

The answers provided in The Book of Radical Answers will utilize The Body is Not An Apology’s framework of radical self-love to respond to questions. Radical self-love proposes that each of us arrived here on this planet in a relationship of love and care for our own bodies and the bodies of others. Radical self-love is who we are, which means we have loving, generous, source knowledge already inside of us to tackle the big issues that may arise as we grow up. The Book of Radical Answers is ultimately about reminding you that you can trust your internal knowing. You have what you need already inside of you. You are already smart enough, cool enough, and powerful enough to grow up great, exactly as you are!